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You will receive a certificate from the Land Registry authenticating the information provided from our search
  Bankruptcy Searches in England, Wales and Scotland  

By ordering a Bankruptcy Search you can discover whether any person or company is, has been or is about to be made bankrupt. This may be advantageous in helping you make business decisions. We have a direct on-line connection to the Land Registry in England, Wales and Scotland and can obtain a bankruptcy search certificate for you the same day that you place your order.

If a person or company owns property the Land Registry will create a restriction, notice or caution in the property register so that a sale or mortgage cannot be made without the trustee in bankruptcy's consent. If no property is owned the Land Registry will create a Caution Title containing full details of the bankruptcy. The existence of a Caution Title will prevent the registration of a new title following any attempt to sell without the trustee's consent.

In addition to obtaining a bankruptcy search, where a bankrupt owns property we can obtain a copy of his property register; where he does not, we can obtain a copy of the Caution Title filed by HM Land Registry. Orders are made via LandSearch, our sibling web site.

Bankruptcy searches in Scoland are known as Inhibition searches.

  A bankruptcy search will provide you with the following information:  
  Name and address of the bankrupt on the date of the bankruptcy order, together with any known business address
  The bankruptcy registration number
  Date of the bankruptcy and the name of the Court that made the order, together with the case number
  The type of registration, i.e. whether it is a WO (Writ or Order) or PA (pending action)
  A certificate from the Land Registry authenticating the details provided